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Connecting Teachers & Technologists

Until relatively recently those involved directly in teaching, and those involved in developing and providing the enterprise systems that underpin the IT infrastructure of an educational organisation, have been able to co-exist relatively separately. The maturing of e-learning means that this can no longer be the case. The use of VLE systems has raised many pedagogical and technical issues including what tools are needed to support e-learning, and what this means for the enterprise systems that must exchange data with these tools.

The focus of this meeting will be on connecting the two communities, and looking at the question of how pedagogy can more closely inform technical developments. The meeting is being organized by Sarah Holyfield & Christina Smart (e-Learning Programme Journalists), Lisa Corley (Pedagogy Forum), and Vashti Zarach (Enterprise SIG).


10.00 10.30 Tea and coffee

10.30 10.40 Organisers: Introduction to the aims of the day

10.40 10.50 Introductions

10.50 - 11.00 Vashti Zarach, Enterprise SIG Coordinator: The World of Enterprise

11.00 11.20 Jon Rowett: BeRT (Brockenhurst eRegisters Toolkit)
An example of a project using technology to develop useful tools for teachers.

11.20 11.40 Mark Stubbs: t.b.c.

11.40 11.55 Teabreak

11.55 12.10 Lisa Corley, Pedagogy Forum Coordinator: The World of Pedagogy

12.10 12.30 Steve Jeyes: The Making Tracks Project: Bridging the Chasm
Lessons from a project developing tools to support learning.

12.30 1.00 Discussion: What do teachers & technologists need to talk about?

1.00 2.00 Lunch

2.00 3.15 Sarah Holyfield & Christina Smart: Mind the gap: bridging the two communities
The development of service oriented approaches offer an opportunity for pedagogy to inform the systems that are implemented, but these two communities are not used to communicating directly about their worlds. This session will explore this issue. The work of the JISC e-Learning Programme in this area will be introduced.

3.15 3.30 Teabreak

3.30 4.00 Final discussion: What connections have we made?

Date: 18 October, 2005
Venue: Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester
Event website:
Contact email:

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