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February 28, 2012

Oleg Liber, Director (University of Bolton)
As the University of Bolton's Professor of eLearning and co-founder and director of CETIS, Oleg has the responsibility for the oversight of CETIS activities and its strategic direction. Within CETIS he contributes to discussions on the pedagogic aspects of standardisation and wider e-learning developments.
Scott Wilson, Assistant Director (Bangor University)
Scott joined CETIS in August 2001, and is an Assistant Director of CETIS. Scott has a special interest in standards for infrastructure and enterprise integration using service-oriented approaches, and also in the use of Web 2.0 technologies in elearning. Before joining CETIS, Scott worked in a range of technology industries including CRM, Business Intelligence, and criminal intelligence analysis. His general background is in psychology, criminology, and journalism.
Wilbert Kraan, Assistant Director, project support (Bangor University)
Wilbert joined CETIS in August 2002. He maintains, extends and generally tinkers with the website. Any news on interoperability standards is intrinsically interesting to him, but other suggestions or requests for site improvement are equally welcome. He has a burgeoning taste for the semantic web and it's implications for educational technology.
Lorna M. Campbell, Assistant Director SIGs and Content (University of Strathclyde)
Lorna first joined CETIS as the coordinator of the Educational Content SIG, since taking up the post of Assistant Director she has continued to liaise closely with all the special interest groups. Lorna has a wide range of interests including metadata, the use of taxonomies and vocabularies, factors that influence the reuse of educational resources and the ability of standards to describe the process of teaching and learning. She also contributes to the CEN/ISSS work on educational taxonomies and vocabularies. Lorna is based at the Centre for Academic Practice at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.
Paul Hollins, Business Manager (University of Bolton)
Paul is responsible for the operational management of CETIS. Paul joined the team in October 2003 and has extensive management experience in creative media and education gained through a combination of working within the video games Industry and latterly with an E-learning content and assessment vendor. Although Paul could be described as a "digital immigrant" his research interests lie in the identification, development and application of new pedagogies. He has written and presented papers addressing issues raised by the evolution of the digital world and the potential impact of this on learner experience and expectations. Paul is particularly interested in digital games and how this technology could be applied to provide rich learning experiences for today’s students. He is an MBA graduate from Leeds Business School and has recently completed a MSC in Teaching and Learning with ICT.
Lisa Corley, Pedagogy forum coordinator (University of Bolton)
Lisa Corley Is the Pedagogy Forum Co-ordinator for The Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards (CETIS). The Pedagogy Forum CETIS group was launched in April 2003 to enable the UK FE and HE communities to examine and discuss the pedagogic implications of interoperability standards and identify requirements that can be input into the specification process. Lisa has worked previously as a Learning Technology Adviser, developing online training for the NHS and also supporting academics in developing e-learning materials. Lisa's background is in Humanities, she then went on to complete a Masters of Research in Informatics, focussing on end-user issues.
Phil Barker, Metadata and digital repository SIG coordinator (Heriot-Watt University)
Phil Barker has worked in the area of Learning Technology for ten years, seven of them at Heriot Watt University's ICBL (now part of the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences). His main interest is supporting the use of learning technology in F&HE, particularly through supporting the selection of appropriate resources. He is the currently coordinator of the CETIS Metadata and Digital Repository SIG, which builds on his previous experience in describing and making available descriptions of digital learning resources.
Sharon Perry, Accessibility SIG coordinator (University of Wales, Bangor)
Based at the the University of Wales Bangor, Sharon joined CETIS as the Accessibility SIG Co-ordinator in 2002. She runs the SIG, which covers all aspects of accessibility specifications for e-learning, as a dissemination and discussion group in partnership with TechDis. The group is open to anyone interested in implementing accessibility in the UK FE (Further Education) and HE (Higher Education) communities and further information is available from:
Peter Rees Jones, Learner information SIG coordinator (Leeds University)
Peter Rees Jones is the convenor of the CETIS Learner Information Profiles SIG. Since March 2001 the SIG have mapped the UK Progress File to the IMS LIP specification and are supporting the pilot projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme. The Centre for Recording Achievement manages the SIG in partnership with CETIS drawing on an extensive network of practice to centre the technical work on the needs of the learner. Strong partnerships are being developed with Europe for the development of e-portfolios and the group plays a leading role in the development of formal technical standards to support implementation in the UK and Europe.
Clive Church, FE focus group coordinator (Newark and Sherwood College)
Contracted by Newark and Sherwood College to co-ordinate the FE Focus group for CETIS, Clive has spent most of his life in Further Education. He became engaged in learning technology and interoperability through a European Funded project dealing with learning objects and their associated metadata He is a member of teams for JISC projects dealing with interoperable content, assessment and services (ICONEX, TOIA and CREE). He contributes through its sub groups to the NLN Transformation 'project', is a member of the NILTA Curriculum and Content Group and currently participates in the development and monitoring of the JISC e-learning programmes.
Rowin Cross, Assessment SIG coordinator (University of Strathclyde)
Rowin Cross is Coordinator of the CETIS Assessment Special Interest Group, based in the Department of Learning Services at the University of Strathclyde. As well as supporting the use of specifications and standards for computer aided assessment, she has a particular interest in the automated assessment of free text responses, and in the roles and identities individuals adopt within the learning and assessment processes.
Vashti Zarach, Enterprise SIG coordinator (University of Wales, Bangor)
Vashti Zarach is coordinator of the CETIS Enterprise Special Interest Group. The Enterprise SIG is for people exchanging data between college systems such as VLEs and Student Record Systems; developing Managed Learning Environments; and with an interest in e-learning frameworks and architecture. She is also studying part-time for an MA in Heritage Management.
Chris Kew, UNFOLD project officer (University of Bolton)
Chris joined CETIS in April to work as UNFOLD project officer at Bolton. The job involves facilitating communities of practice both on and offline with a view to raising awareness of the IMS learning design specification and to encourage its application and continued development. Formerly taught English in FE and contributed to the promotion and application of ICTs in the language learning classroom. Graduated from Manchester University with an M.Ed in ICT in September 2003.
Sheila MacNeill, Educational Content SIG Cooordinator (University of Strathclyde)
Sheila MacNeill is the Educational Content (EC) SIG Cooordinator. Sheila joined CETIS in July 2004 and is currently seconded 3 days a week to CETIS, based at the University of Strathclyde. When not at CETIS, Sheila is a Learning Technologist with LT Scotland, where she is involved in the development of a range of online learning resources for schools and colleges. She is actively involved in the development of resources which utilise interoperability standards.
Christina Smart, JISC e-Learning Programme Journalist and Editor (University of Wales, Bangor)
Christina joined CETIS in September 2004. She works with Sarah Holyfield to support and disseminate the work of the JISC e-Learning Programme, developing and writing articles for the JISC e-Learning Focus website. The e-Learning Focus site aims to provide a route into the e-Learning Programme for the wider community providing commentary, news and articles to support the work of the projects. In a previous life Christina was a biological scientist, manager of the CTI Biology Centre, and an e-learning development officer at Bangor.
Sam Easterby-Smith, Standards Implementation Support Officer (University of Bolton)
Sam joined CETIS in August 2004 and works to support the work of the JISC e-Learning Programme, offering advice to projects on the use and implementation of interoperability standards. He is also involved with the development of the e-Framework, a service-orientated factoring of interoperability across e-Learning, Research and Administration. Sam likes (and sometimes creates) ambient music, nice food and good user interface design.
Sarah Holyfield, JISC e-Learning Programme Editor and Journalist (University of Wales, Bangor)
Sarah joined CETIS in September 2004 and works with Christina Smart to develop and run the eLearning Focus site which supports the JISC e-Learning Programme by providing a route into the work of the Programme for the wider community. The site provides commentary, news, articles and resources to support the work of the projects. Sarah was previously the Senior eLearning Officer for the University of Wales Bangor, where she and Christina are based.

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